Clinical, biological and chest-CT database aiming at prediction of clinical course in COVID19 patients

Study sponsor : Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire (CHU) de Saint-Etienne (France)
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Overall Objectives

This clinical study was initiated as part of the national effort to respond the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic due to the SARS-CoV2 virus. COVID-CTPRED is a comprehensive cohort database gathering an enhanced and comprehensive chest-CT imaging together with biological,patient history, risks factors, and current clinical data.

The overall objectives is to refine our understanding, identify composite prognostic factors of the disease, and help triage with “all-round” patients, with non-COVID viral infiltrates and pneumopathies.

Computational medical imaging alone has shown its ability to predict a therapeutic response or a particular evolution after extracting from the volume of images informations that are not visually perceptible during standard radiological reading, making it possible to construct a radiomic signature and/or using anatomical/functional metrics.
By combining these data extracted from the scanner with the standard clinical-biological data produced at admission during triage, our ambition is to build more representative predictive models to anticipate clinical evolution and to optimize the management of the resources

The University Hospital of Saint-Etienne sponsors this study ( Identifier NCT04377685).

This plateform

  • Is the entry point to the entire database containing all pseudonymized chest-CT images and corresponding clinical report form (CRF) data.
  • In order to guarantee patients' rights with regard to the promoter's commitments to the protection of health data, and in particular because of their exhaustive nature, CREATIS has set up a service making available a dedicated internalized computing architecture for launching external algorithms and deep learning models
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The COVID-CTPRED database aims at containing medical (clinical and biological) and chestCT imaging data obtained in 800 patients

  • The COVID-CTPRED Chest-CT imaging enhanced protocol: in addition to the default noninjected chest-CT (lung parenchyma), admission imaging includes chest-CT after iodin injection (pulmonary vessels), as well as a ventilation chest-CT (end-inspiration/endexpiration) data were acquired. Follow-up CT scans when required during follow-up are made available.

  • the clinical report form (CRF): includes comprehensive data regarding clinical history, biological and clinical biological course (>200 variables)

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